COVID-19 Policies

  • If you are sick, feel sick, or show signs of the flu or any COVID19 symptoms, or have been around anyone who has been ill or shown signs of illness, you must say home and not come to the Studio for 14 days at minimum. There will be no penalty for reschedules for these situations. Please be honest and courteous to both our health.
  • Please wait in your vehicle until you are messaged by me to enter. You can send a text to notify you have arrived for your scheduled appointment.
  • All clients must wear a mask upon arrival to the studio.
  • Everyone must be subject to a temperature check upon arrival to the studio.  Anyone above a 99.6 will be sent home
  • At this time, we are unable to allow clients to enjoy the waiting area.
  • No guests may accompany you at any time inside the studio. We need to keep a minimum amount of clients and service providers as possible at all times.
  • If coming directly from work, please be sure to change into clean clothing prior to entering the studio. 
  • Please wash your hands prior to entering your service room.
  • BYOBJ! Bring your own blanket or jacket! Beds will be stripped of porous bedding for the time being to allow for deep sanitation with medical grade disinfectants. If you would like to bring a blanket or jacket/sweater for comfort, please do so!

I will only be limiting 1-3 clients per day for services.  There will be a 45 min break between clients to allow for amplified sanitation/disinfection protocols and to prevent any client overlapping.